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Wang Gang: but don't forget these things. Out of the mouth comes evil and Disease enters by the mouth.

Wang Gang: There is a proverb in Foreign called, Curiosity Kills the cat But in China has becomes Eat cats kills people When he went to the hospital within two hours Long Li Yuan has died.

Netizen: The Cat Meat Hotpot? Invite trouble. What to eat, how to forget SARS?

Netizen: The education of the love eat something, some things can not for eat.

Netizen: Cherish life and Far away the Cat Meat.

Wang Gang: How Dare to eat the Cat Meat, This is retribution. Such cases detected, we know it, This is poisoning. Cat Meat has no poison.

Kotomi Ichinose:The day before yesterday, I saw a rabbit. Yesterday it was a dear. And today, it was you.

Fuko: I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about Nagisa.

Kotomi's Ichionse: Even if your life is filled with tears and sorrow, this world is still a beautiful place.

Kotomi Ichionse: We looked all over and the this is the biggest one we can find.

Fuko: The dream about the Starfish Festival? As I played alone on the beach, you pulled my hand.

Zhang Hui Mei-Remember: Two persons in love with each other, waiting for each other to say a reason to break up.

Fuko: I can't change that, If anything, I'll change the "Mini Part!"

Fuko: please accept this.

Tomoya Okazaki: Furukawa, won't Sanae and your dad be worried because you're Gone?

Nagisa: Let's sit close together like oshikuramanju. That way, it'll be a lot warmer for us. We'll be the Big Dango Family!

Nagisa: Fu-chan, let's stay together. Until the wedding, be together always.

Nagisa: Oh, Please Fuko don't say something so sad.

Wang Gang: Where did You had to hit that thrown the He Xiao Zhen?

Wang Gang: Guang Dong Province, Yang Chun city, Ba Jia town, There are three patrons, Eat something terrible accident, As for what to eat? The Cat meat.

Wang Gang: A meal for Cat meat Hotpot Kills Billionaire life for Long Li Yuan.

Kotomi: This one is a California poppy, and this one over here is pansy.

Bing Qi: You and me settle a matter by leaving it unsettled love, and Leaving a settle a matter by leaving it unsettled traces.

Bing Qi: Are you happy? Is there love her, Be good for cherish.

Bing Qi: Those who have given me only through tears.

Medusa: I will turn this city into a gaint, Sculpture GARDEN! hahahahaHAHAHA!

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